Презентация выражение can could may

Цели: ознакомление с новым материалом, обучение грамматике, закрепление нового материала, тренировка навыков учащихся строить высказывания на иностранном языке. Can you, please, hold for a moment? I have another call. Could I ask you to buy this book for me? For example “Could I open the window?” or “Could you open the window?” are both grammatical. Be careful with may.

The most popular films in the world are American. First of all, six out of ten richest people in the world are Americans. Swarup, an Indian student. I think English is so popular because the United Kingdom used to have a big empire.

Отрицательными формами являются may not или might not. «Could not» не используется в этом значении. He might not agree with you – возможно, он с тобой не согласится. I may not be able to come to your place today – возможно, я не смогу прийти к тебе домой сегодня. Anton couldn’t be lying to us. He is an honest man. He couldn’t have taken the money! / He can’t have taken the money! It couldn’t have been Tom. Tom was in Chicago last week. Is this a joke?

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