Alligator s 750 rs инструкция

alligator s 750 rs инструкция
Security: We safeguard your best asset from theft with an option to use a hefty, durable Kensington lock. Load studies and energy usage analysis are now easier than ever. Additionally, the 125B checks the signal levels and speed, transition times and distortion, and compares these to the appropriate standards to help you find errors such as improper cable connections, bad contacts, incorrect grounding or improper terminators. With the 1730, you can: Easily discover when and where energy is being consumed in your facility, from the service entrance to the individual circuits. Harmonics in power distribution systems are often caused by non-linear loads such as switched mode dc power supplies and adjustable speed motor drives. Quickly step through recorded events to identify and troubleshoot intermittent faults.

Actual operating horsepower and torque will be less. Fluke 1730 Three-Phase Electrical Energy Logger « Power Quality Analyzers Discover sources of electrical energy waste with the Fluke 1730 Energy Logger. Energy Analyze application software: Download and analyze a snapshot of your energy savings potential with our automated reporting – export data into RTF for editing with you preferred word processing application. And, by storing maintenance data on the Fluke Cloud™ you can enable team members to access it from wherever and whenever they need to so you can get advice or approvals in the field and get your systems up and running faster than ever before. Fluke’s unique Connect-and-View™ triggering technology recognizes signal patterns, and automatically sets up the correct triggering to provide a stable, reliable and repeatable display.

Industrial BusHealth Test verifies electrical signal quality on industrial buses BusHealth Test analyzes the electrical signals on the industrial bus or network and gives a clear «Good, «Weak or «Bad indication mark for each of the relevant parameters, presented next to the actual measurement value. Industrial equipment needs a reliable power supply to operate properly, use the dual input to obtain key power measurements. When using a thermal imaging camera or a visual IR thermometer along with the 1730 Energy Logger, you’ll be able to discover potential problems that could be wasting energy and then quantify them electrically with the 1730 Energy Logger. This recorder is even more powerful with the addition of Recorder Event Detect, which makes detecting and logging intermittent faults easier than ever. The Fluke Connect® Assets wireless system of software and wireless test tools enables technicians to reduce maintenance costs and increase uptime with accurate equipment records and maintenance data that is easy to interpret, and share.

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