Compulite-dlite 72 инструкция

compulite-dlite 72 инструкция
The Dlite offers 72 of these Snaps and can easily be re-called from the page/mode section pr the playback section. Имеет 192 DMX канала с возможностью управления 12 приборами по 16 каналов для каждого. В память можно записать 240 сцен. But with just one external monitor, you are limited to what you see at any one given moment.

Just like any good lighting console, there is a larger go button. Changing the FCB requires going to the on board LCD display and moving between the different columns for In, out and delays times for each function. Для удобства управления интеллектуальными приборами пульт оснащен джойстиком. Larger, moving light heavy shows might find that three encoders may cause programming slow downs. The Dlite console series also offer fixture libraries for quick recall of programmed looks, focus positions and color choices. On other consoles this is typically called a palette, but on the Dlite series there are known as libraries.

Programming and running to console was straight forward with a few small syntax differences from other consoles on the market. With both manual and fully programmable playback, the Dlite consoles can conform to your requirements. Управление: восемь фейдеров-слайдеров (две страницы по 8 резисторов). Регулировка скорости программы и паузы между сценами. Built into each Dlite console is a 320×240 LCD touch screen for doing a multitude of things with in the console. Rather then dialing in the correct levels for each of the color properties, recording that color into a color library you can quickly recall that color for that fixture quick and easy.

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