Olympus sp 810uz инструкция

olympus sp 810uz инструкция
The SP-800 also has a number of high-speed continuous shooting modes, with Olympus claiming up to 7.7 fps bursts at 5-megapixels, and 15.2 fps bursts at 2-megapixels , though we did not test them. Furthermore, the Olympus SP-810UZ has the same 14 megapixel CCD sensor, a 3″ LCD screen, and can record 720p HD video.Review Olympus SP-810UZTo equip a camera with a 36x zoom range sounds good, but there are some software adjustments necessary in order to preserve image quality. Setting the lens to infinity is the preferred workaround for autofocus delays on a megazoom. Photography FeaturesOlympus SP-810 UZ can shoot continuously at max speed of 0.7 fps and has max shutter speed of 1/1200 sec . Unfortunately SP-810 UZ doesn’t have an external flash port so you are limited with the built-in flash. Below we have listed 4 highest ranked Mirrorless cameras in Olympus SP-810 UZ’s price range. These include a 3 inch LCD screen, image stabilisation and battery charging via a USB port.

This camera offers exceptional wide angle capacity thanks to 24mm focal length on the wide end and remarkable super telephoto reach at 864mm. Some color shifts are noticeable as well, such as cyan toward blue, magenta toward red, orange toward yellow, and yellow toward green, but this is not unusual. Maximum aperture varies from f/2.8 to f/5.6 across the zoom range. Additionally, the Olympus SP-810UZ has 10 magic filters, which are almost all applicable in photo as well as video recording mode.

Prefocused shutter lag is 0.133 second, also slower than average but still reasonably fast. Olympus SP-800UZ Viewfinder Accuracy Wide: LCD Monitor Tele: LCD Monitor Viewfinder Accuracy: The Olympus SP-800’s LCD monitor showed just over 100% coverage at both wide-angle and at telephoto. That doesn’t sound like a lot these days, but with a megazoom you will be zooming quite a bit to compose your shots, so that’s not a bad number. There’s no program shift, and thus no ability to tweak aperture or shutter speed… As for actually shooting with this SP-810UZ, there’s a lack of precision that makes simple operation more difficult than it needs to be.

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