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Visit your account», PWPELIGIBILITYHOTELV1: «Get {0} off your next hotel stay — you have {1} Expedia+ points to redeem. The magazine was founded in 1987. Published in the United States, it is one of the leading international guidebooks. 2014 ISLANDS MAGAZINE The Best for 2014 – No. 1 Editor’s Picks for Best All Inclusive. Cristal. Since 2012. RECOGNITIONS 2014 TRAVEL + LEISURE MAGAZINE recognized the best hotels in Mexico in the 3rd edition of its Gourmet Awards. При любых последующих колебаниях цен – как в сторону повышения, так и понижения – стоимость на услуги, забронированные и оплаченные заказчиком, остается неизменной. The region of the Pencil Nebula captured in this image is about three fourths of a light-year across.

Description Awards and Ratings AAA 5 Diamonds Northstar Venue Awards AWARDS AND RAITINGS • The Leading Hotels of the World. The fresh outpouring of energy and stellar winds from these newborn stars will also modify the gaseous landscape of Gum 19. Image: ESOGum 19 Gum 19 is a star-forming region in Vela, approximately 22,000 light years from Earth. Description Awards and Ratings AAA 5 Diamonds Forbes Travel Guide Northstar Venue Awards CERTIFICATIONS • The Leading Hotels of the World. The furnace that fuels Gum 19’s luminosity is a gigantic, superhot star called V391 Velorum. Расположен в зоне Exclusive Grand Class Section на берегу. Shining brightest in the scorching blue range of visible light — V391 Velorum boasts a surface temperature in the vicinity of 30 000 degrees Celsius.

Открыт ежедневно с 18:00 до 23:00.Aqua Bar – бар у бассейна. Открыт для ужинов с 18:00 до 23:00.Cocina de Autor – ресторан молекулярной кухни. A la carte. Both are rapid spinners and believed to be about 400 million years old. Ambassador pool suite (118 кв. м): аналогичны номерам категории Ambassador suite, но имеют открытый персональный бассейн.

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