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During validation, an element or attribute’s value is validated against the ·member types· in the order in which they appear in the definition until a match is found. As noted above, the evaluation order can be overridden with the use of xsi:type. For some datatypes, notably QName and NOTATION, the mapping from lexical representations to values is context-dependent; for these types, no ·canonical mapping· is defined.Note: Where ·canonical mappings· are defined in this specification, they are defined for ·primitive· datatypes. All ·ordinary· datatypes can be defined in this way.By ‘derivation’ is meant the relation of a datatype to its ·base type·, or to the ·base type· of its ·base type·, and so on.Every datatype other than anySimpleType is associated with another datatype, its base type.

Mesmo as festas de aniversário são consideradas uma forma sutil de idolatria. The text of the tabulation is based on the 74… series since this is the one which is most popular. For example, there is a number two in the decimal datatype and a number two in the float datatype. In the identity relation defined herein, these two values are considered distinct.

Falariam dele a seus filhos e aos filhos de seus filhos. Entendem que os filhos só devem ser batizados por sua própria vontade e quando estes tiverem maturidade suficiente para efetuarem uma escolha em consciência. They are not only equal but identical.Given a list A and a list B, A and B are the same list if they are the same sequence of atomic values. User-Defined DatatypesIt is useful to categorize the datatypes defined in this specification along various dimensions, defining terms which can be used to characterize datatypes and the Simple Type Definitions which define them. 2.4.1 Atomic vs. Other applications making use of these datatypes may choose to consider values such as these identical, but for the view of ·primitive· datatypes’ ·value spaces· used herein, they are distinct.WARNING: Care must be taken when identifying values across distinct primitive datatypes.

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